The Land Of Opportunities
This landmark Tower enjoys exceptional views of the fast developing city landscape and the Indian Ocean where the city’s thriving port area is located. Fleets of cargo ships from around the world set anchor here reflecting the country’s newfound wealth due to its recent offshore gas discoveries.
Where we are
Maputo Business Tower (MBT) is located at the very heart of the capital’s Central Business District. The high end 19-storey building, unique in location and design, perfectly complements the concentration of high rises of Maputo.

An Ideal Working Environment.
MBT is at the very heart of Maputo's Main Business District
Among Good Neighbors
The MBT development has been fully optimised for business and leisure, as it is located at the centre of the main Business District, the heart of Maputo’s Business activity.

The building is adjacent to the National Oil and Gas Company and Ministry of Energy Headquarters. MBT is also in close proximity to The Prime Minister’s office, Government Departments and Ministries, International Financial Institutions, Banks, Luxury Hotels and Fine-Dining Restaurants.